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How To Disable the Yahoo Pop-Up Blocker

Step 1

Click on the Yahoo Toolbar's popup blocker icon option arrow. This arrow is pointing down beside of the popup blocker icon. 

Step 2

Click on the menu option "Always Allow Pop-Ups From...

Step 3

Locate any entries that have "sitewiz" or "sitewizard" in them from the Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups list box. Single click on them in turn and proceed to Step 4. 

Step 4

Single-click the Allow button. 

Step 5

Single-click the Ok button when asked to confirm allowing of pop-ups. 

Step 6

Single-click the Close button. This will now allow the SiteWizard Control Panel to pop-up and function (assuming you've identified all other sources of POPUP blockers, such as Google toolbar, anti-virus software and Internet Explorer directly) 

Step 7

If you are still experiencing problems logging in, try re-typing in your SiteWizard username and password. Then hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the logon button, this may also override any pop up blockers.

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Last update: 2009-06-02 17:09
Author: SiteWizard Support
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