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How to Create an Autoresponder for Outlook

If you have acces to our Email Control Panel then please read 96. How do I setup an autoresponder (vacation) message? or 135. Autoresponders

Step 1 - Creating the Autoresponder Template

In outlook open up a new email message and fill in the subject and body text with the information you require.  As soon as you have finished your message click on File > Save As. Give it a filename (that you will recongise) and save it as Outlook Template (*.oft).


Optionally, add Cc and/or Bcc addresses to send copies of automatic replies.

Step 2 - Creating The Message Rule

In Outlook main window go to "Tools" > "Rules and Alerts...". In the Rules and Alerts window click on the "New Rule...".

Step 3 - Setting up the Rule

Select "Start from a blank rule" then "Check messages when they arrive" and click "Next >".

Step 4

You can leave all the checkboxes unchecked and this will send an auto-reply to all incoming message, but you should tick the box "Where my name is in the To or Cc Box" then click "Next >".

Step 5

Select "reply using a specific template". In the edit the rule description box click on the "a specific template" (should be underline and in blue) this will then open a new window where you can select the autoresponder template. Click "Next >".

Step 6

Check the box that is "except if it is an Out of Office message" and click the "Next >".

Step 7 - Finish

In the box "Specify a name for this rule" provide a name that you will recongise like Out of Office or On Vacation. Click on "Finish" this rule is now set up and will send out your Out of Office Message.


Extra Information

Please remember that you will need to have outlook open for it to send the out of office email. If you can not leave it open you and you are on our older email service please contact you account manager about mirgating over to a new service that provides an autoresponder.

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