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Junk Filter Set Up

The junk mail filter is very power full. It could result in you loosing emails if set up incorrectly. Please read this guide before making any changes to the settings.

Step 1

We recomend having a seperate account to filter junk mail to. So before you go to the junk mail set up a new mail box for the junk mail to go to. If your email address is we would recomend setting something like for the junk to go to.

Step 2

Once you have set up the junk mail box click on the Junk Junk Mail Filters.
Junk Filter

Step 3

It is best to set up individual junk filter rules per email address rather than for the domain as a whole as this gives you more control over the filtering. Enter the first part or your email address into the field under Email Address to Protect. Then from the drop down under Forward Junk Mail to select the new email address you have created to send the junk to, do not select the Delete messages automatically radio button. Then click update.
Junk Filter

Step 4

This has now set up a junk filter to filter junk mail to the junk email address. If you find that you are missing any genuine emails you will need to check the other junk account. We also recommend keeping a check on this account regularly just incase and removing any junk email there.

Step 5

If you are still getting junk email you can change the filtering level to a higher one. We receommend that you only change this up by one level at a time until you find the right one for you. To do this you will need to scroll down to the Junk Mail Filter Levels part of the page and selecting the next level up from the one you are currently on from the Level drop down. Then click update.
Junk Filter

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