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How to add You Tube videos to site

First you will need to upload your video to Once you have done that:

Step 1

View the video on and copy the embed code from the right hand side.
screen 1

Step 2

Log in to the site wizard editor and edit the page that you want the video to appear on.

Step 3

Find the location on the page where you want the video and type some marker text (e.g. *****).
screen 2

Step 4

Now switch to the source view by pressing the Source button the bottom row of the tool bars. Then press ctrl and f to bring up the find box. In here type the marker text from before and click find.
screen 3

Step 5

Delete the marker text and paste in the you tube code by pressing ctrl and v (or command and v, if you are a Mac user).
screen 4

Step 6

Click save changes. Now view your site to make sure it worked.
screen 5

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