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Page Names (Sitewizard Editor)

  • The Page Names section of the SiteWizard editor allows you to give all the pages of your website a specific name that will appear in the menu of your live site. It also allows you to give the actual HTML files a name that relates to the menu item.


Adding & Editing The Page Names & HTML Filenames

  1. Locate the page you wish to edit on the list.
  2. Click in the Page Description box that relates to that page and type out the text that you wish to appear on the menu. e.g. If your page contains a list of the services you provide, then give the page a description of 'Services'.
  3. Now click on the Alternative HTML Filename box that relates to the same page as before. Type in the text you wish the file to be named.
  4. Repeat this as many time as necessary.
  5. Click on the Save Changes button to save your work, or the Cancel Changes button to discard the changes.


Figure 5.0 Editing you page names and HTML file names is quick and easy.

Figure 5.0 Editing you page names and HTML file names is quick and easy.


Changing The Page Name In The Menu Editor

When you change a page name you should also update the menu editor to reflect these changes. This will ensure that any future changes that you make to the page will be visible on your site.

  • Click on the Menu Editor and select the page name that you have just changed.Menu Editor


  • Click on 'modify'. You may find that the pop up blocker stops this from running. You will need to click on the yellow bar at the top of the page and select 'Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows'. You may need to click on the 'modify' button again.

             click on temporarily allow scripted windows

  • Type in the name which will appear on the menu when prompted, if this has not changed then click 'OK'
  • Next, type in the new page name and press 'OK' until you are back to the Menu Editor main screen

changing page name


  •  Click 'Save Changes'

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