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Website Statistics (Sitewizard Editor)

The Account Details section allows you to view important information regarding the account you hold with SiteWizard. The information on the screen includes:

Site Counter Value
This tells you the amount of visitors you have had to your website. If you would like to have this value reset, then please contact our support team.

Number of Pages
The number of pages you have allocated to your account. If you would like to add more pages then please click on the Plus button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Domain Name
The primary domain name your website is linked to.

Alternative URL
This is a long domain name path that shows exactly where your website is being hosted.

Figure 8.0 A screenshot of the Account page.

Figure 8.0 A screenshot of the Account page.

8.2 Website Statistics Log Files

The SiteWizard system now comes with the ability to view detailed statistics regarding your website. This powerful tool allows you to keep up-to-date with all the activity on your website. If you do not have this valuable feature installed in your SiteWizard account then we can enable it for a small one-off fee. Please contact your Account Manager or visit our Additional Services page for more information.

Downloading and installing the analyzer

Before you can view your website's statistics you will need to download and install the WebLog Lite software.

  1. Right Click on the WebLog Lite SETUP.EXE - Web Analyzer Setup Link and select Save Target As.
  2. Choose a location on your computer you wish to run the installer and click Save.
  3. When the program has finished downloading, click on the Run button.
  4. Click Next on the welcome screen.
  5. Select I accept the agreement on the License Agreement screen and then click Next.
  6. The installer will then display the location it will download the program too. Usually this is in with the rest of your programs. If you would like it to be installed somewhere else on your computer then please choose a destination by pressing the Browse button.
  7. Click Next on the Select Start Menu Folder screen and then click Next again to add an icon to your desktop.
  8. On the last screen click Install.
  9. When installation is complete, click on the Finish button.

Figure 8.1 A screenshot of the Web Stats page. Log files are downloaded from the box on the left.

Figure 8.1 A screenshot of the Web Stats page. Log files are downloaded from the box on the left.

Viewing your website's statistics

  1. On the Accounts in the SiteWizard CMS click on the purple Web Statistics Log Files button (Please see Figure 8.0).
  2. Right Click your mouse on the link inside the grey Log Files box and select Save Target As in the pop-up menu.
  3. For extra security you will be prompted for your SiteWizard username and password.
  4. When you have enter these click OK and choose a destination for your log file. Please remember where you store this as you will need to access the file at a later stage.
  5. When the file has finished downloading click the Close button.
  6. Now open the WebLog Expert Lite program and click on the NEW icon in the toolbar.
  7. In the General pop-up window that appears enter an analysis name into the Profile Name box. This can be anything you wish e.g. First Attempt.
  8. In the Domain box enter your websites domain name e.g.
  9. In the Index File box please enter page1.htm. Once you've filled in these three boxes click on the Next button.
  10. In the next window click on the Browse button and locate the log file you downloaded to your computer previously. Select the file and then press Open.
  11. Click the Finish button. This will then take you back to the main Log Analyzer program, but now you should see your new profile.
  12. Click on your new profile and then select Analyze in the toolbar.
  13. This will then generate a graphical report of your websites activities and is usually saved at C:\Program Files\WebLog Expert Lite\Report\index.htm.

Figure 8.2 Fill in the three boxes with the details mentioned above.

Figure 8.2 Fill in the three boxes with the details mentioned above.

Imporanting Infromation

The logs files are rotated every month so please make sure that you download then new log files before viewing you stats.

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