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How can i add alt and title tags to images

This guide will teach you how to add Title and Alt tags to yours images in 6 simple steps. The reason why you might want to add these tags to your images is because its one of the simplest ways to make your Website more accessible.

Some Helpful Tips for Writing Alt Tags

Be Brief Describing Your Images

It may be nice to describe what is exactly going on in the image but remember that's not the full purpose of the alt tag. Instead only use words that puts the image in context.

Be Contextual

Don't describe the image if it's meant to be viewed in context. For example: If you've got an image of the company logo, you should write "Company Name" and not "Company Name Logo or Company Logo"

Be Search Engine Conscious

If you have good, concise, clear alt text, that can actually help your search engine rankings, as the images on your website should promote and enhace your keywords.

The 6 Simples Steps

Step 1

To add alt and title tags to images in the CMS, go to Tools and then selecting CMS - Page Editor.
Information regarding on how to get to the CMS Page

Step 2

Then Select a page to edit, by clicking on the required "edit" icon under status
Use this page to modify any of your CMS pages

Step 3

The right click on the image and select image properties
you need to go to image properties to add alt and title tags

Step 4

Then enter the required alt tag in the "Alternative Text" box
type in the Alternative Text to display the Alt tag

Step 5

Then click on the "Advanced" tab and enter the title in the "Advisory Title" box.
Add your text in the Advisory title for the title tag

Step 6

Then click "OK" and save the web page.

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