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When I make changes to the site, I keep getting an older version appear when I re-visit my website?

This is all down to your computer viewing a locally stored cached version of your website and not the actual live version.

To overcome this you will need to visit your site and the hold down the Ctrl (control) key on you keyboard and press the F5 key. This will force your web browser to to download a new copy form the internet.

This problem can be over come by changing a setting in your web browser. Please see below for more information. (If you are unsure as to which web browser you are using then please start by trying to follow the Internet Explorer guide.)

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on Tools and select Internet Options.
  2. On the General tab there is a Browsing History section, click on the settings button.
  3. Under "Check for new versions of stored pages" select "Everytime I visit the page".
  4. Now click Ok and then Ok again.


  1. Click On Tools and then Options.
  2. Click on the Advanced Icon at the top and then the Network tab.
  3. Under "Offline Storage" set the number after "Use up to" to 0.
  4. Click Ok to save the changes.


  1. Click on Edit and then Preferences.
  2. Now click on the Advanced icon.
  3. Tick the "Show developer menu in toolbar" box.
  4. Now close the Prefernces window.
  5. Now click on Deloper and then "Disable Caches".


  1. Click on Tools and then Preferences.
  2. Click on the Advanced tab. Then from the left hand side select History.
  3. Set the Memory cache and Disk cache drop downs to "Off".
  4. Click Ok to save the changes.

Google Chrome

  1. Currently it is not possible to disable caching in Chrome. Ctrl + F5 is the only option.

SeaMonkey/Mozilla Suite

  1. Click on Edit and then Preferences.
  2. On the left hand side expand the Advanced section and click on Cache.
  3. Under "Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network" select the "Everytime I view the page" option.
  4. Click Ok to save the changes.

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