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File Store (Sitewizard Editor)

The File Store works in the same way as the Image Store but is for documents you wish to be made accessible from your website. The maximum size of an individual file you can upload is 1MB. If you need a file added that is larger than the maximum size, then please contact your Account Manager to arrange this for you please be aware this can result in an cost.

If you fill your allocated file space and are unable to upload any further files, you can contact your Account Manager to increase your available storage space.

Uploading Files

To upload a file or document into your Store on the SiteWizard system, you'll first need to find its location on you own computer.

Click on the Browse button under the Upload a New File heading.
Using your operating systems controls, find the location of the file on your computer.
Select the file and hit the Open button. This will add the pathway to the file into the first Add File box.
Hit the Update Library button at the bottom of the page to add the file into the library.

File Store

Figure 4.0 Click the browse button to upload a file from your computer into your allocated file space.

File Store

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