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Adding Photographs To Your Thumbnail Viewer

Ideal for anybody wanting to show a large body of their work on a portfolio or gallery page within their website. Our thumbnail viewer will display a group of small images that when individually clicked on will display a large version of the image on the same page which means there is no need to use pop-up windows or extra pages. Please click here to see an example.

The gallery is normally set to allow a fixed number of images per page, this is normally set to 14 if you need this increasing please email

  • Step 1 - Find the page number of the gallery
    Once you have logged into your sitewizard account click on the page names section, this will list all of the pages. You will find the page number on the left hand side. In this case the gallery is on page 2, note this down.

    thumbnail viewer~

  • Step 2 - Prepare the images
    You will need 2 images for each item in the gallery, 1 large image and 1 small image, you will need to resize the images to the appropriate size.

    To find out the size of the existing images you can visit your site and then right click on the image and goto properties under the dimensions section you will see the size of the image. You will need to use some image editing software (Such as Irfanview) to resize the 2 new images to the correct size. Please see our image resizing guide by clicking here.

    Once you have resized the images, they need to be saved with the following name format:  "pagenumber"_"image_number".jpg (Large image) and "pagenumber"_"image_number"small.jpg
    (small image).

    The image numbers start from 0 and go up to 13 (If the gallery has been setup to contain 14 images), so if you want to upload an image to the 5th position of the gallery you would create one large image called 2_4.jpg and then a small image called 2_4small.jpg.

    Heres an example of resized images and renamed images for the 5th image on page 2:


     large image

    Large image example called 2_4.jpg

     small image

     Small image example called 2_4small.jpg

  • Step 3 - upload the images
    One you have prepared the images you then need to upload them to the image store. Click on the image store button at the top in the sitewizard editor. Then click on the browse button, locate the images on your pc and then click on the update library button. IF you have followed all these steps the when you visit the gallery on your website the new images should appear.


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