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Introduction (Sitewizard Editor)

Welcome, and thank you for choosing SiteWizard as your online web editor.
This document has been produced as a quick reference guide to help you understand how to get the maximum out of the SiteWizard Content Management System.

How The Guide Works

This guide has been produced to work in two different ways.

The first way: Read from start to finish

If you have some available time, reading this guide all the way through will greatly increase your knowledge of the SiteWizard system. We must however stress that this guide is not an HTML or CSS training booklet. We make the assumption that you have no formal knowledge of these two coding languages, and as such recommend you not straying to far from the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) areas of the editor. If you would like to learn more about coding for the Web then please see our Recommended Reading List.

The second way: Use as a quick reference

This guide will work just as well as a quick reference tool. Our recommendation is that you print out a copy and have it in a handy position next to your computer for you to reach for whenever you are stuck.

Although we have tried to keep technical language to a minimum, there are however times when it cannot be avoided. In these cases the technical word will be underlined with a dotted line, which when the mouse is hovering over, will pop up a tool tip to give you a brief explanation. If you've printed the guide out then please refer to the Glossary of Terms at the back of the document.

Please use the guide online and navigate your way through the purple menu bar.

Important Information

Whenever we think something is important for you to remember, we'll enclose the information inside a purple box. These are the things that we think will make a difference and help you the most when editing your pages.


Figure 1.0 Look out for these as they contain important information.

All that's left for us to say is good luck and we hope you enjoy editing your SiteWizard website.

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